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imageI am a licensed massage therapist in the state of New York and a graduate of The Central for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy (CNWSMT).  I attended the Fall evening part-time program in 2008 which consisted 1,020 hours of classroom instruction over a 22 month period. I have given over 200 1 hour massages pre-graduation. I have also voluntarily given massage to athletes at the Iron Man marathon at Lake Placid in 2009. I have volunteered at many community events and will continue to do so as massage is my passion. I have specialized in Relaxation massage and Deep Tissue Massage including many modalities of Swedish Massage. I am also practicing Energy work as I am very much in tune with this modality. For a complete bio including my educational background and approach to massage therapy, simply give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you. (518) 248-1148 Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/UniKueTouchMassageTherapy

The following is a list of all the courses I have studied at CNWSMT which I passed with honors.

Myology & Kinesiology

(The study of muscle and movement)

Anatomy & Physiology

(Our parts and how they work)


(A study of the central, peripheral and autonomic nervous system)

Pregnancy Massage

(Given to pregnant clients between the 2nd-4th trimester to relieve some tension and swelling)                    


(Application of pressure to certain points on the hands and feet to treat corresponding parts of the body.)         

Sports Massage

(Given to athletes pre, mid, and post sport event which can enhance athletes endurance)

Chair Massage

(Perfect for client who are not able to lay on table, usually you sill see chair at events)

Gentle Massage

(This is for clients with certain pathologies like Fibromyalgia, etc.)

Myofascial Release

 (This is an effective hands on technique with gentle stretching of the connective tissue/fascia.)

Neuromuscular Therapy

(Highly effective-NMT is used to find trigger points in skeletal tissue by using gentle specific pressure and applying it slowly in different direction)

Craniosacral Therapy

(Gentle massage allowing the therapist to tune into the clients craniosacral rhythm to release stagnant energy)

Applied Techniques

(We learned many types of specific stretching to specific muscles in this class, etc.)


(Shiatsu, a Japanese technique which literally means "finger pressure" is an Eastern modality and is practiced on a mat on the floor

Energy Massage

(A slow, relaxing technique where therapist feels stagnant energy and releases it to bring the body back to balance)

Polarity Massage

(Polarity therapy is based on the belief that positive and negative poles exist in every cell within our bodies. The body is gently manipulated via massage to balance the positive and negative energies.) 


(Aromatherapy is the practice of using volatile plant oils, including essential oils, for psychological and physical well-being.)

CPR/First Aid

(An 8 hour course we took learning about different types of accident and illness, what to do/not to do and became certified.)

Professional Development

(This is where we learned the business aspect of the massage field.)

Student Clinic

(This is where we gave 50 - 1 hour massages to clients. We had to pass a test by massaging a licensed massage therapist before we could start giving massage to clients. We also had to massage a licensed massage therapist after just as we gave our last 50th massage.)

Community Outreach

(This was a course we took to prepare our voluntary services to the local community.)

Self Awareness and Personal Awareness

(Here we learned how to take care of ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually.)

Integrative Study

(This was an "outside the box" type of course. I had an opportunity to explore a topic of interest that was not covered in the school's curriculum like Reiki and Hot Stone Massage.)

Wellness and Emotional Growth

(This course was created with the belief that massage therapists are in a position to offer caring, therapeutic, healing touch to clients. Our ability to offer caring, healing, therapeutic, touch is directly related to our ability to be open, present, and to know ourselves.)


(This course was an introductory to homeopathic remedies as well as alternative medicine.)

Forearm Massage

(What an amazing course this was. I learned how to massage on a wide variety of areas of the body using our forearm/forearms.)

Assessment Skills

(During this course I learned how to gather important information about my clients, analyze the information, and utilize it to design a massage therapy session to meet my client's needs.)

Western Pathology I, II and Independent Study

(In these courses, I learned about all different types of pathologies, ex: Arthritis, Diabetes, different types of Cancer, etc. For the Independent Study, I had to come up with a pathology presentation and present to the class at the end of the school year. I chose Diabetes and presented it successfully after long hours and months of research.)

Eastern Pathology

(This was a hands on Shiatsu class that provided additional information and theory of oriental medicine, Qi Gong, herbs, acupuncture, and cupping. After this class, I had a stronger understand of energy work.)

Foundations of Massage

(This course is the foundation of Western or Swedish massage. I learned the basic strokes of effleurage, petrissage, friction, vibration and tapotement, including the physiological effects of each stroke. I learned the overall benefits of Swedish massage including relaxation, stress reduction, enhanced circulation, pain relief, increased range of motion, relief of muscle tension, and creation of a general sense of well being. Cautions and contraindications for clients and therapist are also covered. In addition, this course taught the history of Swedish massage, the proper use of massage therapy equipment, how to drape the body, proper positioning of the client, body mechanics for the therapist, and safety issues. Finally, this course helped me to explore self care and self awareness, utilizing stretching, relaxation techniques and centering exercises. What an amazing course this was. This was the first class we had at CNW and we learned massage on the leg. We were only allowed to massage above the foot and below the knee the first time we practiced in class on one another.)

Pregnancy Massage

(In this course I learned how to customize Swedish massage for pregnant clients. I learned about health issues affecting pregnant clients and how to show modifications.)


(This is an ancient healing art which stimulates healing by pressing on specific points on the hands and feet. It helps relieve some tension in the reflecting area and allows the client to get back to balance.)






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